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Medium-weight epoxy mortar flooring coating

Medium-weight epoxy mortar flooring coating

product details: epoxy mortar flooring coating epoxy resin adding aggregate mixed with high hardness, trowel makes its impact-resistant and dust-free seamless flooring.

hardware appliances, car manufacturing, car park access and higher load requirements, required dust-proof place.

medium-weight epoxy mortar flooring coating some of picture

1. Dust-proof, wear-resistance, high hardness, can withstand strong impact;
2. Oil resistant, and concentrations of acid, alkali, salt;
3. Paint smooth and thick;
4. After hardening shrinkage, no cracks.

construction process:
1. Surface treatment: polished clean, base requires a dry, flat, non-empty drum
2. Primer coating: closed base, enhanced adhesion;
3. In the paint: according to the design thickness leveling sand eels, puttying;
4. Primer sanding, dust;
5. Roller coated epoxy finish.


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