Epoxy floor paint bubble is what causes

Ring oxygen to ping paint generated bubble is what reasons
  ring oxygen to ping paint of products in the simple generated bubble
  ring oxygen to ping products epoxy resin to ping synthetic resin of moisture high,
ring oxygen to ping paint its products in the simple generated bubble;
epoxy resin to ping paint antibiotics of moisture high,
will effect its using term; wet dye in packaging barrels within store Shi, will will settlement and layered, makes the layer have dye content not as, Effects of dyeing quality. In addition, the moisture throughout the application in the food industry, light industry, textile, coal, building materials and agro-forestry processing and other parts to wet methods commonly used in many industrial production
methods can be divided into the following three categories of machinery to wet way.
  by squeezing, suction, epoxy floor paint filtration and separation by centrifugal force, a way to get rid of the moisture. This moisture means less energy consumption, suitable for wet money does not need to get rid of heat wet means heat can guess the vaporization of moisture and steam cleaning to get rid of the moisture.
the wet method is generally called boring.
essence of the tedious process to get rid of the moisture moves from the solid phase to the gas phase and solid-phase material to be boring, vapor for dry media. This approach can completely get rid of guessing the moisture, but that the high energy consumption of chemical desiccant system using lime, concentrated sulfuric acid, anhydrous calcium chloride is hygroscopic material to get rid of the moisture.
high cost of this method of wet epoxy floor paint, operating trouble, used in smaller bulk solid material to wet dry process based on different methods of high temperature resistant paint can have lots of methods in accordance with the method of operation of the production process.
epoxy floor can be divided into a series of operations and intermittent operation. Lower capital costs of intermittent operation, operation control sensitive facilities, suitable for producing small batch and many kinds, demand long boring time of the product. Industry for successive operations on its production capacity, high efficiency and uniform product quality, working conditions better boring operations tend to follow the transpiration, Crystal, high temperature paint, such as filtration, centrifugation separation process, is the final process in the process, dry material packaged product shipped out after pressing the produced pressure. Can be divided into normal pressure vacuum dry and boring. Epoxy floor dryers in operation close to atmospheric pressure.
weak positive pressure to prevent outsiders from entering the gas leak if not allowed to the outside world using micro negative pressure operation. Vacuum operation temperature low oxygen, steam is not easy to leak, but the operating cost is higher, and suitable disposal thermal resistance to high temperature paint, oxidized, toxic and temperature or smell materials under high temperature operation. BACK

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