Technical analysis of construction technique of epoxy floor paint

Technical analysis of construction technique of epoxy floor paint
workshop floor paint resistant to strong acid, epoxy antistatic floor paint, wear-resistant floor coating abrasion resistance, compression resistance, impact resistance, mold, waterproof, dust-proof, anti-slip and antistatic, electromagnetic wave characteristics of bright colors and diverse, clean and simple. It uses a single coating process, no matter how big the area is not remaining joints, and is a dust-free material, with strong adhesion, friction, hardness and strong personality.
epoxy floor paint suitable for light industrial coatings. Electronics, electrical appliances, foodstuffs, plastics, medicine, shoes, furniture, textiles, clothing, machinery, tobacco, printing, freight yards, a supermarket, a car park for cement and terrazzo floor coating. Features
1. dust, moisture, corrosion and abrasion resistance.
2. easy to clean, protect, and cheap cost.
3. strong adhesion, flexibility and good resistance to impact.
4. thickness: 0.5mm. In general application period: self-leveling epoxy resin, generally for 5 years. Beautiful clean low cost easy to clean medium weight easy care protection short construction period upon request: dust-proof anti-static erosion, used plain or self-leveling life in 5-10 specific or home for good can be extended, nowadays more and more companies laying emphasis on optimizing the environment of, and epoxy floor paint is also more and more care. Paint manufacturers have a lot, look at your own choice, anti-static floor coating, construction achieving appearances thereafter, Peugeot, smooth, mirror-like effect; to moisture, salt spray, oil and organic solvents have a good resistance to General life of 10-15 years. BACK

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