Choosing the standard epoxy floor paint

Select the standard epoxy floor paint
customers how to do when you select the type of epoxy floor paint, apparent, security, economy and other fields to achieve optimal?
1. Enterprise production and management situation needs: epoxy floor paint suitable for electronics factories, chemical plants, food plants, electroplating plants, precision instrument components factories, textile mills, pharmaceutical factories, oil warehouses, walkways, malls, hospitals, dust, corrosion, high static requirements of the production and operation of enterprises, depending on the need, select a different emphasis resin flooring.
2. Performance epoxy floor paint needs:
: wear-resistant floor use, what are the vehicles?
pressure: floor use, how much load?
impact resistance: the floor when in use, how big is the external impact?
dust: the floor when used to dust, clean the required level?
corrosion protection: the floor when in use, type and concentration of corrosive chemical substances?
static: floor when used on surface resistance resistance range and volume of static electricity?
3. epoxy floor paint pigment Base:
① underground floors will be damp, blistering, delamination phenomenon will be the floor.
II underground floor waterproof layer to be moisture-proof treatment.
and aim at the ground floor you need to select the appropriate floor.
black-base layer floors: General requirements for compressive strength ≥ 20Mpa smoothness is less than 3mm/3M, uneven floor epoxy mortar flooring should be used.
4. The apparent performance requirements:
color: ① whether color zoning are required?
according to people of different colors and different psychological requirement options: Red makes people good luck, calming green, pale people, warm colors make people's goodwill.
brightness: as required to select either Matt or light?
5. Safety performance requirements: in some cases the floor fire flower requirements, in soiled environments or ramp, choose non-slip flooring. BACK

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