Ingredients of epoxy floor paint process

ingredients of epoxy floor paint process
ingredients premixed process (commonly known as the mixing process) are laboratory successfully developed the paint formula can be put into practice in the production of key is to determine the paint under normal circumstances, other processes can, obtaining good stability based paint pulp. Methods and points for attention of operation the process is outlined below.

    (1) how to
    ① led to the production of materials and acceptance based on workshop planning and production formula for picking procedures in a timely manner, and to review incoming inspection, acceptance of content type, specification, quantity and quality. Final collection of one account.

    a. According to the formula issued log and check whether the premix tank clean, drive is normal operation as well as the accuracy of the measurement tools.
    b. qualified raw materials ready, the equipment is working properly you can feed. Compounding the key includes 3: specifications correctly, add pigment.
c. Add pigment when adjusted for the first light after the order,
    d and avoid mixing with other impurities. fill feeding records.

    ③ premixed switch on the high-speed disperse mixer material mixed and dispersed, and nothing to do until the paint paste even, powder is qualified. Qualifying reverted to the grinding process (such as standing for a long time, still need continuous stirring to prevent precipitation).

    (2) operational considerations material quantity is accurate, reasonable mixing procedure.

    ① operators should pay attention to day-to-day operations from appearance to identify various items of experience in.
    II release should note the appearance quality for errors, such as the paint is clear, solvent containing water, muddy, and contains impurities, pigment is too tide and found the problem should stop feeding.
    ③ strict management, rational use of measurement tools and regular maintenance, feeding operations must adhere to the review system.
    II switching valve carefully to avoid mixing misdirected.
    II-for varieties ingredient premix tank should be cleaned in a timely manner, to tank walls are not crusts, not under the influence of a variety of quality as standard.

    (3) security considerations

    ① use electric hoists and other lifting tools, should pay attention to the correct operation, maintain the safety of themselves and others.
    II high-speed disperse Mixer not running empty cans, stirring pay attention to safety.
    three parts, chrome, iron blue paint mixture must be ground on the day shall not be stored overnight to avoid spontaneous combustion fires.
    II material stack neatly, not blocked channel.


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