Discussion on the detection of salt fog resistance of epoxy floor paint knowledge

1. scope and description
        water based floor paint coating on the role of water resistance water resistance. Waterborne paint should adapt to the moist environment, so resistance is closely related to engineering applications, and directly affected paint adhesion on the substrate.
2. determination of  
(1) paint plates prepared by waterborne paint coat plate method requires test panels, the first bars of the 120th coating coating, second with 80th bar coating coating. Coating of two intervals of 6h. After drying, will try to edge and back, and at a temperature of (23-2) ° c and relative humidity (50-5)% 7 days in the condition. &Nbsp; 
(2) test will be after maintenance to paint three try immersed provides three levels of water in a glass of water, and each of the floor coating plate length 2/'3 soaking in water, adjust the water temperature (2.3-2) ℃, and maintain this temperature during the entire test. &Nbsp;  
        at the end of the soak time in accordance with product standards, will try the plate removed from the slot floor paint, and dry with filter paper suction, conditioning by product standard time immediately, and try to paint from a Visual inspection, any gloss, discoloration, blistering, wrinkling, off the ground, shedding phenomenon and record the recovery time. &Nbsp;  
        three paint plates at least two blocks comply with the product standard is awarded to qualified.
3. results   
        water based floor paint product standard for resistance of coating film coating within a specified soak time without blistering pathological phenomena, such as qualified, classified as "without exception."
 4. GB% reference  
       national standards t 1733 of the testing method for water resistance of paint films. BACK

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