Discussion on water-borne epoxy floor paint adhesion

&Nbsp;     waterborne paint paint adhesion is realized through the emulsion polymers with some functional groups in. In addition to inner bonding properties of waterborne paint coatings, adhesive strength is closely related to ground by painting.
        typically emulsion with other functional groups on the polymer chain, after brushing on the ground, generally formed on the basis of physical adhesion and chemical Crosslinking, adhesion formation. In General, the emulsion production factory fully took into account the adhesion of the product. Water to ping paint paint in normal of into film conditions Xia, can and ground good of stick received, but also has many paint brush in ground will powder of, and up drum even off, specific reasons analysis following:
(1) material itself of reasons     some emulsion, especially with acetate vinyl class copolymer of emulsion, as acetate vinyl emulsion, and vinegar c emulsion, and tert-vinegar emulsion, itself resistance water bad, in wet environment Xia sucking water dissolved expansion. After times wet and dry cycle Hou, expansion force and contraction force of alternating role, makes to ping paint coating and basement separation, and acetate vinyl chain paragraph Shang of acetate root in alkaline wet conditions Xia easy hydrolysis, hydrolysis product acetate and coating or base surface Shang of carbonate salt reaction, produced gas, also will damage to ping paint coating or to ping base surface strength, caused to ping paint coating segregation. In the process of testing, a significant portion of tert-vinegar, vinegar c, Poly Vinyl acetate coating blister easily after soaking, confirms this.
(2) latex paint too much     light paint, coating blistering. Formula lotion too much coated sealing is good, when the basement floor paint coating of water vapor through the diffusion rate is lower than the evaporation speed, floor paint coating blister easily. Therefore, water based floor paint coating should avoid using bright paint, latex too much is not a good thing.
(3) base reasons     at present, flooring paint bubbles off because most associated with the base strength. Construction, painters often wall construction method to move to the floor. 107 glue add calcium powder and mix a small amount of white cement after scraping bottom, the consequence of this is PuTTY a low intensity, water absorption expansion, border between Putty and coating caused by PuTTY powder coating damage. Cement, some painters paint the surface age up until it is painted, the consequence of this is the base surface alkali soluble with paint coating moisture of the migrate to the surface, causing surface white, and floating. While the bivalent electrolytes also may cause emulsion and pigment particle flocculation, damaged paint coating strength, paint-coated surfaces also formed due to pigment flocculation two-tone patches, effect of paint coating effect. BACK

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