Industrial floor coating epoxy floor of high-pressure Airless spraying technology

In the use of industrial floors epoxy floor paint laying construction, used high-pressure Airless spraying can be achieved better than a roll of the apparent effects. High gloss and wearability. When spraying, spray spray gun should be perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece, the surface 30-40cm. Move spray gun should be uniform at an appropriate rate, and parallel to the surface of the floor to avoid accumulating and uneven coating. Spray gun and the spraying distance and vertical angle of the flooring surface by physical control, Lance moved to the body to assist the arm moving, non-removable wrist, wrist to be flexible.
each painting is characteristically lap about working on the paint job before, in order to obtain complete and uniform coating. Spray the corner, Center of the spray gun can be trained on the corner, to ensure that both sides are evenly sprayed. Shall open at the spray gun moving every time you spray gun trigger, I should also be closed when the spray gun moving gun trigger, thus avoiding excessive accumulation of paint on the surface.
the same Fu spray width, the larger, thicker films.
the same nozzle, spray width bigger, thicker films.
of high pressure airless spray (1) spraying pressure and flow
to a certain type of airless spray equipment, when you use the paint viscosity, input of compressed air pressure is constant, the relationship between the spraying pressure and flow: flow increases, spray pressure is reduced. When the compressed air input pressure rises, the spraying pressure and flow rate will increase accordingly.
(2) paint spraying pressure and viscosity
different types of paint viscosity, viscosity of high-solid coatings are particularly large, solvent-free epoxy resin of high solid content coatings. High viscosity, the construction of larger the required spray pressure. Low viscosity paints than select 23:1, 32:1, and high viscosity paint of the construction pressure than generally about 45:1. But can no longer increase the spraying pressure spray coating with high viscosity, should also consider replacing the large diameter of the nozzle.
(3) nozzle selection
before high pressure airless spray, depending on the paint, and spray objects, you should select a diameter and shape of the nozzle. The size of the aperture determines the flow of the nozzle, the shape of the nozzle determines the range of spray. Construction of high degree, required for your larger paint, select the aperture larger nozzle.
coating used for industrial floor coating of high-pressure Airless spraying technology, particularly extensive in the paint application, and well received by the majority of users.

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