Analysis of main uses of epoxy resin floor coating in the community

         on the development of modern industry products quality assurance, production environment requirements and the special needs of certain industrial applications determine the floor paint coatings and self-leveling material development which cannot be replaced by other types of ground material. For example, pharmaceutical production quality has a direct impact on product quality; for example, computers, clothing, micro-electronic products production shop floor given security needs, must use an anti-static floor coating, to prevent the accumulation of static electricity and products harmful to the human body. Similar needs led to development in many occasions with anti-static floor coating. For example, with the development of the chemical industry, corrosion-resistant floor coatings became another important functional floor coatings. On many occasions, for example, often be affected by acids, salts and oils as well as the current erosion of flooring, anticorrosive paint coating of the function, the function cannot be replaced by other floor materials. In a nutshell, the industrial development of high performance floor paint, and use floor paint coatings or self-leveling coatings are able to meet a wide range of construction materials feature integrated technical and economic performance in the best floor paint.
         of modern life in recent years, slipped and hurt and cause personal injury and damage to property have been found. Main reason is that people in the room to create gorgeously, and many merchants built magnificent public spaces and luxurious at the same time, ignores the harm caused by ground smooth. Which leads to the original only in people's minds the concept of non-slip coating, has started to be used in residential buildings, shopping malls and other public places. Modern life also needs to develop some good functional floor coatings. As far as the authors know, there have been a number of specialized in floor coating sales, construction and service companies, and the use of anti-skid treatment agents, antislip coating on surface slip-resistant treatment is an important business. Meanwhile, some foreign high-performance slip-resistant treatment agents, antislip coatings has been in sales or the plant production in China.
3. protect the safety and property of    
        on the ground often have oil, water, workplace, Ramps, loading dock slips easily hurt, when the pavement when wet or rain and snow, in a zig zag Hill, crossroads tire is apt to slip the accident-prone use anti-slip coatings, to improve the hazardous working environment and improve traffic safety significance is self-evident. In addition, antistatic floor paint coatings, corrosion-resistant floor paint coatings used are guaranteed property and personal safety of meaning. BACK

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