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Floor paint coating exception do

    epoxy floor coating cured exception occurs after the construction State, for example, traces a spatula, apply joint, uneven color. Here's to the State of analysis cause and resolution methods.

paint abnormality causes:

1. the color balance. Colors are deep processing difficulty. Causes of pigment dispersion is poor. Or poor compatibility of solvents, additives and fillers.
2 and spreading the connector. That is, the portion of the work surface unevenness appears clearly spreadable. The joints on both sides of the material arising from the initial setting time difference.
3. trace. There are two main reasons for this phenomenon. First, material problems, poor self-leveling paint. Second, technical operation of construction personnel skilled enough, not sure initial setting time.

floor coating solutions:

1. try to choose a performance close to that of pigments, fillers, control the grinding fineness and dispersion.
2. before the construction of pigments, fillers, resins meet the State and viscosity are checked, flooring material must have good leveling property; and the technical training of operators to improve their proficiency in construction, having the right paint time.

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