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Epoxy floor paint coating the origin of the rough

  first, the construction environment and epoxy floor paint film dried in the environment is clean, dust, dust is still in the stream on the flat stages of the film, eventually leading to adhesion of dust on the floor paint coating and make the film appear rough.

    II, epoxy floor paint before the paint is not filtered, mixed with impurities, these mechanical impurities and coatings are coating on coated, when drying mechanical impurities like highlighted on the paint coating, finally brought out rough in the film phenomenon.

    third, because of the epoxy floor paint is a two-component or multi-component coating, are chemically cured paint, curing agent was added so that when the paint, paint beginning chemistry, epoxy floor paint coating viscosity increases slowly, began to gel after a specific time, direct final curing film. When the paint begins to gel continued construction, floor paint coating may appear rough.

    four, construction site, the temperature is too high, too fast thinner volatile, epoxy floor paint coating the coated has no leveling time begins on curing, so there will be rough.

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