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Three misunderstandings in teaching you how to paint

epoxy flooring: some consumers reflects, only less than a year, the wall started cracking, blistering or peeling of the coating, suspected of buying fake products. Industry experts say, buy good paint will not necessarily have a good coating effect. The saying goes, "three of coatings, construction of seven" good quality coatings also need proper application to show its effect.
    in latex paints, for example, during the process of painting, coating the dilution ratio is used in strict accordance with the manufacturer's dosage is important, the viscosity is too high will make latex paint flow, viscosity is too low cause bad cover environmental humidity is too high will cause the bubble phenomenon; in addition, substrate processing, construction workers painting experiences will have an impact on results.

≠ LaTeX wall paint

    paint is the main decoration, building materials, chemical terms are: the petrochemical feedstock for synthesis of emulsion adhesive, to base of the emulsion type of coating called "paint" is commonly known as the latex paint. Floor paint can be classified by using parts interior wall paint and exterior paint. Many consumers think the latex paint is interior wall paint.
    to ping paint paint also has water and oily of points, oily latex paint of features is fast dry, and flow flat sex more easy master, and adhesion strong, and resistance waiting sex good, often for outside wall paint, but due to using organic solvent as diluted agent, environmental performance than water latex paint poor, indoor decoration rarely with to, consumers and oily latex paint contact rarely, even has using of is imitation enamel a. Royal
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