Technical support

Paint 15-25 ℃

  Curing of epoxy floor paint suitable temperature at 15-25, in the different seasons have different temperatures, curing time is not the same.
    epoxy floor paint at temperatures down to 10 degrees, noticeably slower curing, without construction work, 5 deg absolute prohibition of construction. If you add solvent, solvent evaporation would take away heat and cooling the coating, curing agent significantly more slowly.
    Hangzhou epoxy flooring experts say hardener dosage allowed or the ambient temperature is too low (winter of epoxy floor paint engineering construction in northern China to watch the temperature, or the appropriate diluent) will have no cure.
    of epoxy floor paint engineering construction, to strengthen the management of construction, in the case of less than 5 degrees not construction, or use heating heat preservation measures, improving construction environment temperature.

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