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Non-solvent-based and solvent-based paint difference

We in the Select paint is often confused, hesitant, paint different construction techniques, strengths, we should be selected according to the actual demand in the workshop. Next, we analyze the differences of two kinds of paint.
solvent-free epoxy floor coating is a very high cleanliness of flooring, smooth surface to meet high cleanliness requirements, often used in the construction of self-leveling, widely used in medicine, automobile manufacturing, food, electronics and precision instruments, such as the ground has very high demands of industry.
no solvent type to ping paint has following features is:
1, and overall seamless, easy cleaning, not agglomeration dust, and bacteria;
2, and and grass-roots of stick received strength high, hardening Shi contraction rate very low, easily cracking; 3, and high solid copies, once into film thick;
4, and no solvent, construction toxicity small, meet environmental;
5, and strength high, resistance wear, durable, can long time suffered forklift, and cart and other car of grind pressure;
6, and anti-penetration, Resistance to chemical corrosion, and also has a good tolerance to oil;
7, room temperature curing film, easy maintenance and repair; 8, surface smooth, rich colors, can beautify work environments, toxic, in line with the hygiene requirements.
solvent-based floor paint that is ordinary epoxy resin floor coating, suitable for wear, corrosion-resistant, oil resistant, stress resistance, smooth surface, easy to clean places such as car parks, car manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, paper, cigarettes, chemicals, textiles, furniture and other high ground in the industry workshop.
solvent type to ping paint has following features:
1, and surface flat smooth, color rich; can landscaping environment;
2, and overall seamless, easy cleaning, not agglomeration dust, bacteria;
3, and a environmental material, ground nontoxic, meet health requirements;
4, and has anti-sliding sex, like parking to ping paint must has must of rough degrees, General cement ground easy up dust and to meet requirements.

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