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How to improve the paint effect

Advantages of floor paint with beautiful, easy to clean, but if handled properly can also be damage to the paint, especially the corrosion phenomena. Main factors influencing the effect of paint coating, in addition to the variety and quality of the paint itself outside and paint surface treatment of substrate quality, construction, equipment and maintenance coating thickness, and many other factors. To get a better effect, you must consider all factors, any one do not meet quality requirements, control, may result in coating defects, leading to corrosion, resulting in economic losses and waste. Only protected the environmental conditions of the facilities, equipment and plants, scientific and rational design of corrosion prevention programmes, selection of high quality heavy duty floor paint, and ensure the quality of construction, use and maintenance, can achieve good anti-corrosion effect.
How to prevent corrosion of the paint is a daunting challenge for many people, this will affect the life of the paint. When you select the heavy duty floor paint, normally takes from four factors to consider:
1, the main factors affecting the life of the coating: including environmental conditions, heavy duty floor paint, surface finishing, coating thickness, coating the road number, and so on.
2, select the matching system according to project conditions: include environmental conditions, coating methods, life-cycle, and so on.
3, consider corrosion economy: according to the fee for corrosion protection and durability for years, choosing suitable heavy duty floor paint and coating method.
4, coating appearance requirements: according to be used by spreading and the use of environment and selection of paint and surface paint color.

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