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How to distinguish between floor paint coatings

Paint is a kind of paint, but completely different in nature. Hangzhou floor paint is always being hot by the majority of users, in fact, is still the most critical materials.
flooring paint, raw materials determines the quality of construction, and of course it's not absolute. Hangzhou floor paint, should say, raw materials and construction techniques are indispensable. Small series to tell you today, Hangzhou floor paint coatings for construction, how to distinguish between good and bad.
first floor paint coating viscosity test paint viscosity is divided into relative viscosity, kinematic viscosity and absolute viscosity. Coating process, the production Tu-4 measurement of paint viscosity viscometer, which is the relative viscosity. Viscosity testing is usually outside the Tu-4 viscosimeter, and detection of high viscosity paint-1 viscosimeter, falling ball viscometer and less rotational viscometer.
II fineness test floor paint coating colour components of the pigment, the thickness of the filler particles sizes, as well as in the production of the degree of dispersion, smooth appearance on film, influence greatly, and so on. To do this, you must test the fineness of coatings quality indicators, indicators to conform to quality standards. Fineness dispersion meter detects the fineness of coatings ...
③ common quality criteria and quality standards quality (solvent paints) international standards, national standards in China, the Ministry of chemical industry standard and manufacturer quality standards. Floor paint coatings can be measured in the quality standards of fineness, viscosity, leveling, and coverage, density, flash point, density and other projects.


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