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Quality assurance
Quality assurance

epoxy flooring construction quality management system

quality control:

1, the company was awarded by the national certification body passed the quality system certificate.
2, research and development, quality control Department using a variety of precision instruments, engaging in research and development and quality control. For example: adhesion Tester, pin pendulum hardness tester, impact Tester, levelling Tester and so on.

quality control of raw materials:

1   assessment of suppliers, raw materials through strict test before use review.
2   on all the technical indexes of testing on raw materials into the plant. For example: viscosity, oil absorption, water testing, solid content, properties, etc.
3, production process and strict process control and quality inspection system.
4 must be adopted before, finished: levelling, defoaming, mixing viscosity measurement and control, qualified after the release.
5, data analysis, management reviews, corrective and preventive measures for continuous improvement of quality management system in order to better meet customer requirements.

quality assurance:

 1      risk-free promise: material quality problems arise, our unconditional return, replacement, and bear the costs of transport;
2      warranty: lifetime service, where our contractor epoxy floor works free warranty period of one year, Our free of charge during the warranty repair (human factors), such as quality problems during the warranty period, analysis consultations dealing with problems in a timely manner within 24 hours to the scene to repair, warranty does not charge any fees, warranty is only charging materials cost.
3      visit: periodic visits, floor for customers to solve problems in a timely manner, discharge the customer's worries.

a professional construction team:

1, construction personnel have many years of dealing with different base operating law applications and experience in technical ability.
2, each project with a project manager and construction team leader and technical engineers to the task force on project implementation management, ensure the site owner to track and coordinate various matters.

construction equipment and management:

1, the company has a different base of special construction equipment, such as: sand blasting machine, milling machine, grinding machine, grinding machine, plastering machines, vacuum cleaners, and so on.
2, in strict accordance with the relevant terms of the contract, the construction schedule, find special will promptly report to the party and to propose solutions.
3 construction period, the strict implementation of the flooring coating construction quality control standards, and the flooring coating construction safety code, each process has a detailed before and after    and identification of records. When completed, by the Engineering Department, Sales Department and clients for completed construction of the transfer procedures.


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