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Zhejiang ring inscription paint limited is a chemical building materials development and application, production, marketing, international trade, international chemical building materials technical consultancy and services and undertake various types of coating engineering manufacturer. Company set up by experts at home and abroad new product research and Development Center, with Zhejiang ring in city, Zhejiang Ming building materials technology limited (production base in Zhejiang Province) and Zhejiang Ming ring floor paint Engineering Co., Ltd. &Nbsp;    

Zhejiang ring Ming to ping paint limited in constantly introduced international advanced technology of while, independent innovation, to to ping paint, and ring oxygen to ping paint, and epoxy resin to ping paint, and anti-electrostatic to ping paint, and cement to ping paint, and wear to ping paint, and water ring oxygen to ping paint, and polyurethane to ping paint, and industrial to ping paint, and artesian flat ping paint development, and production, and sales, and construction, and service for subject of Professional Enterprise. After years of development, the "ring of Ming" has become a well-known international professional construction paint brands, enterprises undertaking the construction project quality in the peer among the customers as the "floor paint engineering experts."

Zhejiang ring Ming enterprises with advanced project management system in the world, with "professional, honest, rigorous, efficient" spirit of enterprise, our first-class product, first-class engineering quality, first-class service and constantly innovative, enterprising, firm-specific products have passed ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO4001 environmental management system certification, China environmental labeling product honors.

Zhejiang ring Ming enterprises through products, technological innovation, quality service, makes it the first choice for users.

the company's widely used epoxy floor paint series, applied to electronics, machinery manufacturing, metal, pharmaceutical, food, automotive industry, laboratories, supermarkets, hospitals, aerospace industry, the paper industry, chemical industry, plastic processing, textiles, tobacco, car parks, candy, wine, beverages, meat processing, field, track, offices and other places.

Zhejiang ring inscription with its successful implementation of a series of customer case studies and experience. Service project has: wear to ping material, and hardening to ping, and to ping paint, and to ping material, and to ping construction, and cement artesian flat, and concrete sealed agent, and ring oxygen to ping, and ring oxygen to ping paint, and wear to ping, and Emery to ping, and industrial to ping, and ring oxygen mortar, and ring oxygen artesian flat, and ring oxygen anti-electrostatic, and ring oxygen heavy anti-corrosion, and concrete to ping, and PU Stadium, and acrylic Stadium.

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